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High Performance Gap Filler

The chart below contains link to all High Performance Gap Filler Pads. Select a part to view details.

SARCON ® Type Application Guidelines Typical Thermal Conductivity
Cal/cm - sec - °C Watt/m•K
SARCON ® GR-m High
Gap Filler
High thermal conductivity gap filler pad 14.4 x 10-3 6.00
SARCON ® XR-e Very thermal heat conductivity gap filler pad 26.3 x 10-3 11.00
SARCON ® XR-j Highest performance heat conductivity gap filler pad 33.4 x 10-3 14.00
SARCON ® XR-m New low thermal resistance gap filler pad 40.8 x 10-3 17.00