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Solid Self Supported Connectors

The Solid Self-Supporting ZEBRA® connector utilizes a standard ZEBRA® connector element supported by a soft, non-conductive silicone rubber on one or two sides. The silicone rubber creates a larger width that eliminates the need for a holder, and yet the force required for deflection is very low. The standard Solid Self-Supporting ZEBRA® connector has a 0.50mm wide ZEBRA® connector element and is available in 8 different widths to accommodate LCD’s with a glass lip overhang of 1.27 mm minimum.


DescriptionInsulating Barrier
Color (one only) White
Hardness, Durometer A 30
Dielectric Strength volts/mil. 500
Resistance, ohms 1012
Insulating Barrier Width (B) mm* 0.050 ± 0.025

TABLE D *The tolerance of W1 is equal to the sum of the tolerances of W.